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We report an observational study, based on the examination of 319 medical records, identifying the proportion of patients whose driving status was documented on the first and subsequent glaucoma clinic visits. We also established the proportion of patients with documented Driving and Vehicle Licencing Agency (DVLA)-related advice when they did not meet(More)
Epidemiological data on the prevalence of glaucoma are generally presented for populations described as "whites" or "blacks". "Black" populations appear to have a higher glaucoma preva lence than "white" populations. We describe a population-baseed survey for glaucoma in rural Northern Nigeria. A total of 1563 Hausa/Fulani individuals aged 5 years and(More)
AIMS/BACKGROUND Primary localised amyloidosis is rarely encountered in the orbit. The typical clinical and radiological appearances have not been clearly established, in particular the single site deposition of amyloid has never been proved. METHODS Six cases were reviewed in detail and their clinical and radiological characteristics are described here.(More)
PURPOSE To report on glaucoma-related ocular parameters, namely intraocular pressure and peripheral anterior synechiae, in the presence of onchocercal infection. METHODS Two computer-generated random samples of individuals were drawn from communities mesoendemic and nonendemic for onchocerciasis respectively. Applanation tonometry and gonioscopy were(More)
PURPOSE To document public awareness and knowledge of glaucoma. PATIENTS AND METHODS The study used health knowledge questionnaires. (a) A short, structured telephone interview was performed with a nationally representative sample of 1009 people. (b) A more detailed questionnaire was administered in two contrasting regions by telephone (500 interviews(More)
AIMS To diagnose pertussis using culture, polymerase chain reaction, and serology, in children admitted to intensive care units (PICUs) and some paediatric wards in London, and in their household contacts to determine the source of infection. METHODS Infants <5 months old admitted to London PICUs between 1998 and 2000 with respiratory failure, apnoea(More)
In conclusion, when an observation by its nature involves two eyes, as for blindness, statistical analyses should be conducted on individuals rather than eyes and between eye correlation is not a problem. In other circumstances, if information on only one eye per individual is used in the analysis there is a potential "waste" of information leading to less(More)
BACKGROUND/AIMS The advantages of logMAR acuity data over the Snellen fraction are well known, and yet existing logMAR charts have not been adopted into routine ophthalmic clinical use. As this may be due in part to the time required for a logMAR measurement, this study was performed to determine whether an abbreviated logMAR chart design could combine the(More)