Ian Dryden

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Shape matching has many applications in computer vision , such as shape classification, object recognition, object detection, and localization. In 2D cases, shape instances are 2D closed contours and matching two shape contours can usually be formulated as finding a one-to-one dense point correspondence between them. However, in practice, many shape(More)
Improvement of methods for evidential facial comparison for the Courts relies on the collection of large databases of facial images that permit the analysis of face shape variation and the development of statistical tools. In this paper, we present a short description and key findings of an anthropometric study of face shape variation in three-dimensions.(More)
Faces are assumed to be unique, but their use in court has remained problematic as no method of comparison with known error rates has been accepted by the scientific community. Rather than relying on the assumed uniqueness of facial features, previous research has been directed at estimations of face shape frequency. Here, the influence of age, sex, and(More)
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