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The authors sought to replicate and extend the work of E. Rosch Heider (1972) on the Dani with a comparable group from Papua, New Guinea, who speak Berinmo, which has 5 basic color terms. Naming and memory for highly saturated focal, non-focal, and low-saturation stimuli from around the color space were investigated. Recognition of desaturated colors was(More)
BACKGROUND We set out to investigate whether community nurses could be trained in problem-solving therapy and, once trained, how effective they would be in treating emotional disorders in primary care. METHOD Seventy patients with an emotional disorder in primary care were randomly allocated to receive either problem-solving therapy from a trained(More)
Co-located collaborative Web browsing is a relatively common task and yet is poorly supported by conventional tools. Prior research in this area has focused on adapting conventional browsing interfaces to add collaboration support. We propose an alternative approach, drawing on ideas from tabletop interfaces. We present WebSurface, a novel tabletop(More)
Generalised Stochastic Petri Nets (GSPNs) suffer from the same problem as any other state-transition modelling technique: it is difficult to represent sufficient states so that general, real life systems can be analysed. In this paper we use symbolic techniques to perform state space exploration for unstructured GSPNs. We present an algorithm for finding an(More)
Autism Spectrum Conditions (ASC) are neurodevelopmental conditions, characterized by social communication difficulties and restricted and repetitive behaviour patterns. The ASC-Inclusion project aims to create and evaluate the effectiveness of an internet-based game platform, directed for children with ASC and those interested in their inclusion. The(More)
Individuals with Autism Spectrum Conditions (ASC) have marked difficulties using verbal and non-verbal communication for social interaction. The running ASC-Inclusion project aims to help children with ASC by allowing them to learn how emotions can be expressed and recognised via playing games in a virtual world. The platform includes analysis of users'(More)
BACKGROUND The risk factors for a high total somatic symptom count are unclear; and it is not known whether total somatic symptoms count is a predictor of impaired health status. METHOD A prospective population-based cohort study in North West England. Randomly sampled residents (1443 participants; 58% response) completed questionnaires to determine(More)
The Australian sugar industry is seeking to increase profitability through better integration across a value chain fragmented among many owners. Within the cane harvesting and transport sectors, many existing inefficiencies are a result of excessive numbers of harvesting machines owned by harvester contractors and growers, and the fact that most harvesters(More)