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OBJECTIVES As the population ages and teeth are increasingly retained for life the incidence of non-carious cervical tooth surface loss is increasing but little is understood about the aetiology and management of these lesions. The purpose of this literature review was to review and critically appraise the literature as it relates to the prevalence,(More)
The theory of abfraction suggests that tooth flexure arising from occlusal loads causes the formation and progression of abfraction lesions. The current study investigated whether reducing occlusal loading by adjusting the occlusion on a tooth during lateral excursive movements had any effect on the rate of progression of existing abfraction lesions.(More)
When studying large social media data sets, it is useful to reduce the dimensionality of both the network (e.g. by finding communities) and user-generated data such as text (e.g. using topic models). Algorithms exist for both these tasks, however their combination has received little attention and proposed models to date are not scalable (e.g.: [4]). One(More)
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