Ian D. Miller

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The MPEG Reconfigurable Video Coding working group is developing a new library-based process for building the reference codecs of future MPEG standards, which is based on dataflow and uses an actor language called CAL. The paper presents a code generator producing RTL targeting FPGAs for CAL, outlines its structure, and demonstrates its performance on an(More)
The MPEG reconfigurable video coding (RVC) framework is a new standard under development by MPEG that aims at providing a unified high-level specification of current MPEG video coding technologies. In this framework, a decoder is built as a configuration of video coding modules taken from the standard ldquoMPEG toolbox libraryrdquo. The elements of the(More)
BACKGROUND Primary chemotherapy is being given in the treatment of large and locally advanced breast cancers, but a major concern is local relapse after therapy. This paper has examined patients treated with primary chemotherapy and surgery (either breast-conserving surgery or mastectomy) and has examined the role of factors which may indicate those(More)
Signal processing algorithms become more and more complex and the algorithm architecture adaptation and design processes cannot any longer rely only on the intuition of the designers to build efficient systems. Specific tools and methods are needed to cope with the increasing complexity of both algorithms and platforms. This paper presents a new framework(More)
A Monte-Carlo method is used to compute light distributions in a multilayer skin model for variable width finite beams. By means of a 4-layer skin model in which blood may be represented as a discrete layer, vascular lesions such as port wine stains may be studied. Light distributions and thermal profiles are simulated, representing the irradiation of a(More)
The possibility of specifying both SW and HW components using the same language is a very attractive design approach. However, despite the efforts spent for implementing such approach using common programming languages such as C and C++, it has not yet shown to be viable and efficient for complex design. The main reason is the difficulty of expressing(More)