Ian D. Mathieson

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This paper describes an experimental alerting system under development by the Australian Bureau of Meteorology , initially targetted at (but not restricted to) the aviation sector. The system provides alert routing and filtering: for example pressure readings from automated weather stations may conflict with a local terminal aerodrome forecast, resulting in(More)
The Prism simulation system models the interaction of application, system and architectural structures for shared memory multiprocessors and distributed memory multicom-puters. The simulation is achieved using two major components, a compiler and a library of processor and architecture modeling routines. The compiler processes application and system code(More)
One of the most significant challenges in applying agent technologies lies in deployment of agent systems in large-scale open environments. The objective of the NETDEMO demonstration is to show a range of agent applications which have been deployed and made accessible over multiple sites accessible via the public Internet. Demonstration are based on FIPA(More)
This paper presents an agent system ASGARD-0, that provides monitoring for the success or failure of Grid jobs in a High Energy Physics application. This application area is one where use of the Grid is extremely well motivated as processes are both data and computation-ally intensive. Currently however there is no mechanism for automated monitoring of jobs(More)