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Nanomanipulation inside a scanning electron microscope (SEM) has been employed to maneuver and characterize nanomaterials. Despite recent efforts toward automated nanomanipulation, it is still largely conducted manually. In this paper, we demonstrate automated nanomanipulation inside an SEM for a well-structured nanomanipulation task via visual servo(More)
– The first edition of the IEC 61400 Wind Generator Systems – Part 24 Lightning Protection [1] was published as a technical report (TR) in July 2002, and as such its scope was to present lightning and lightning protection to a relatively young industry. It presented background statistical information on lightning damage to wind turbines and it gave guidance(More)
Schizophrenic disorders are chronic disorders usually characterized by relapses alternating with periods of remission. A better understanding of the course of schizophrenic disorders is available with the models of psychotic vulnerability and the neurodevelopmental hypothesis. The relapses have numerous severe aspects, clinical, biological and conduct to a(More)
This paper presents a nanomanipulation system for operation inside scanning electron microscopes (SEM). The system is small in size, capable of being mounted onto and demounted from an SEM through the specimen exchange chamber without breaking the high vacuum of the SEM. This advance eliminates frequent opening of the high-vacuum chamber, thus, incurs less(More)
The use of power electronics associated with the drive toward higher voltages in more compact and lighter all-electric aircraft introduces new risks and failure modes. Boards are often coated for added protection; however, the performance and level of protection provided by various coatings in these environments, after some degree of degradation, is not(More)
With the introduction of higher voltages in ‘more electric’ aircraft, the understanding of Partial Discharge (PD) performance has never been more critical. Power frequency PD testing of insulation systems according to IEC 60270 has been well established for some time. Less well established is the measurement of PD caused by voltage impulses(More)
Premature failures of stator insulation account for a large percentage of repairs of marine generator systems. The failure mechanisms of such faults have been presented in many parts of the literature. Partial discharge activity, thermal degradation, thermal cycling, harmonics and transients are some examples of such failure mechanisms. Whilst there has(More)