Ian Cotton

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—Nanomanipulation inside a scanning electron microscope (SEM) has been employed to maneuver and characterize nanomaterials. Despite recent efforts toward automated nanoma-nipulation, it is still largely conducted manually. In this paper, we demonstrate automated nanomanipulation inside an SEM for a well-structured nanomanipulation task via visual servo(More)
– The first edition of the IEC 61400 Wind Generator Systems – Part 24 Lightning Protection [1] was published as a technical report (TR) in July 2002, and as such its scope was to present lightning and lightning protection to a relatively young industry. It presented background statistical information on lightning damage to wind turbines and it gave guidance(More)
MEMS and Robotics-Based Manipulation and Characterization of Micro and Nanomaterials 2011 Advances in the synthesis of micrometer and nanometer-sized materials have resulted in a range of novel materials having unique properties. Characterizing those materials is important for understanding their properties and exploring their applications. Physically(More)
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