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Diabetes among First Nations peoples has reached epidemic proportions, and diabetes prevalence, complications, and mortality rates are higher than in Whites. The purpose of this grounded theory study was to investigate the experience of Type 2 diabetes in First Nations adults. Ten individuals living in one reserve community, in southwestern Ontario,(More)
THREE PROBLEMS IN RELATION TO Luciano Floridi's work on the Philosophy of Information (PI) and the relationship of PI to Library and Information Science (LIS) are considered: the claim that LIS is a materials-based discipline, Floridi's claim about Information as a message transfer system, and his downgrading of Social Epistemology to be a subset of PI. The(More)
Cloud computing allows for vast computational resources to be leveraged quickly and easily in bursts as and when required. Here we describe a technique that allows for Monte Carlo radiotherapy dose calculations to be performed using GEANT4 and executed in the cloud, with relative simulation cost and completion time evaluated as a function of machine count.(More)
IN 1986, THE AUTHORS PROPOSED a taxonomy of theory for library and information studies research. The purpose of this paper is to propose a revised model for theory building, called Circuits of Theory, that includes both the taxonomy and the critical contextual modules researchers consider in their work. These modules surround the taxonomy and encompass the(More)
Often CAD models already exist for parts of a geometry being simulated using GEANT4. Direct import of these CAD models into GEANT4 however, may not be possible and complex components may be difficult to define via other means. Solutions that allow for users to work around the limited support in the GEANT4 toolkit for loading predefined CAD geometries have(More)
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