Ian Catling

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SOCRATES is the largest project in the European Communities' research programme DRIVE. The objective is to investigate the use and feasibility of a Road Transport Informatics (RTI) system based on cellular radio, and to make recommendations which could lead to the use of a pan-European cellular radio system such as GSM as the basis of the DRIVE "Integrated(More)
Autoguide is the name given in the UK to in-vehicle route guidance systems which are dynamic, i.e. give routeing recommendations to drivers on the basis of real-time traffic conditions. The authors outline the basic principles of the Autoguide system, describe how it is used by a driver, and give an overview of progress. Current work includes the(More)
Video surveys are being used in Doncaster to provide an up-to-date inventory of the highway network and street furniture. The techniques being used are closely related to those under development for the collection of network attribute data for Advanced Transport Telematics (ATT) / Intelligent Vehicle Highway Systems (IVHS) systems, in particular for route(More)
The DRIVE project TARDIS (Traffic And Roads - DRIVE Integrated Systems) has as its main objective the specification of functional requirements of an Integrated Road Transport Environment (IRTE), in order to provide a common framework for technical developments in which the different system operating philosophies in different countries can still be embodied.(More)
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