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An isometric path is merely any shortest path between two vertices. If the vertices of the hypercube Qn are represented by the set of 0 –1 vectors of length n, an isometric path is obtained by changing the coordinates of a vector one at a time, never changing the same coordinate more than once. The minimum number of isometric paths required to cover the(More)
LIBRARIES-~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ I Acknowledgements I would like to thank my advisor for suggesting and overseeing this work. My gratitude also goes out particularly to Max Lieblich and Damiano Testa for explaining things when I was confused, and to Christopher Malon for his invaluable technical advice., as well as to all my classmates generally. Finally, I would(More)
In contrast to other branches of government, the Supreme Court of Canada operates with relatively lean staffing. For most of the Court's history, its justices alone determined which cases to review, heard oral argument, and wrote opinions. Only since 1967 have justices have been aided in these responsibilities by law clerks. While interest abounds in the(More)
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