Ian C Miller

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Molecular silver clusters conjugated with DNA act as analyte sensors. Our studies evaluate a type of cluster-laden DNA strand whose structure and silver stoichiometry change with hybridization. The sensor strand integrates two functions: the 3' region binds target DNA strands through base recognition while the 5' sequence C(3)AC(3)AC(3)TC(3)A favors(More)
Semiflexible polymers, such as DNA, in the presence of a condensing agent often form toroids. This is due to a balance between bending and surface area free energy penalties. Here we show why in experiments all the toroids have been found to have similar physical size. We also introduce a novel morphology, that of the hollow sphere, which is favored for(More)
We examine the problem of a grafted rod or rods compressed by a sphere, concentrating on the steric force exerted by the rods on the sphere. We show that this problem can be solved exactly to yield simple and nontrivial expressions for the repulsive force. In particular, there are several different regimes and in some of these the force exhibits surprising(More)
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