Ian C Hawkins

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SRrp86 is a unique member of the SR protein superfamily containing one RNA recognition motif and two serine-arginine (SR)-rich domains separated by an unusual glutamic acid-lysine (EK)-rich region. Previously, we showed that SRrp86 could regulate alternative splicing by both positively and negatively modulating the activity of other SR proteins and that the(More)
PSF (PTB-associated splicing factor) is a large nuclear protein that has been implicated in numerous processes including transcription and RNA splicing. It has been shown to directly associate with U5 snRNA and has also been found within numerous purified splicing complexes. Here, we show that when HeLa nuclear extracts are adjusted to splicing conditions,(More)
BACKGROUND Aurones are a sub-set of the flavone family that possess a number of biological activities, including anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, anti-parasitic and anti-viral. Due to their high availability, simple synthesis, and generally low toxicity, aurones could be attractive candidates for safer cancer drugs. This study aims to(More)
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