Ian Burleigh

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Nuclei have been enumerated in muscle fibres of different physiological properties within adult rats and rabbits. Almost invariably, and regardless of muscle type, there is a direct relationship between the cross-sectional area (or fibre breadth) of muscle fibres and the number of nuclei within them. The one exception occurred in muscles of older rats where(More)
We present our latest version of a swarm-based, 3-dimensional model of the lactose (lac) operon gene regulatory system. The lac operon is a well-understood genetic switch capable of self-regulation dependent on the energy source of lactose. Our model includes a 3D visualisation which simulates proteins as agents with physical properties that interact with(More)
1. When washed suspensions of Sarcina lutea are starved aerobically in phosphate buffer at the growth temperature of 37 degrees , the rate of endogenous oxygen consumption decreases to very low values after 10hr., although many of the cells survive for 40hr. If starvation is prolonged further, the bacteria die at a rate of approximately 1.5% of the initial(More)
1. Extractable hexokinase activity was measured in the red and white skeletal muscles of the rabbit and in the hearts and diaphragms of four animal species differing markedly in size. Activities vary over a 40-fold range, being least in white skeletal muscle of the laboratory rabbit and greatest in mouse heart. 2. Hexokinase activities correlate(More)
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