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Submittal of an algorithm for consideration for publication in Communications of the ACM implies unrestricted use of the algorithm within a computer is permissible. General permission to republish, but not for profit, all or part of this material is granted provided that ACM's copyright notice is given and that reference is made to the publication, to its(More)
DESCRIPTION The algorithm calculates a Chebyshev (or l~) solution to an m X n overdetermined system of linear equations Ax = b, i.e. given equations the subroutine determines a vector x* = ['xl*, x~*,..., x,,*'] r which minimizes the maximum absolute value of the residuals (1) The algorithm can be used to solve the linear Chebyshev data fitting problem.(More)
When analyzing linear systems of equations, the most important indicator of potential instability is the condition number of the matrix. For a convolution matrix W formed from a series w (where Wij defines the stabirity of the deconvolution process. For the larger con-volution matrices commonly encountered in practice, direct computation of the condition(More)