Ian Baker

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Atomistic simulations of protein folding have the potential to be a great complement to experimental studies, but have been severely limited by the time scales accessible with current computer hardware and algorithms. By employing a worldwide distributed computing network of tens of thousands of PCs and algorithms designed to efficiently utilize this new(More)
β-III spectrin is present in the brain and is known to be important in the function of the cerebellum. Heterozygous mutations in SPTBN2, the gene encoding β-III spectrin, cause Spinocerebellar Ataxia Type 5 (SCA5), an adult-onset, slowly progressive, autosomal-dominant pure cerebellar ataxia. SCA5 is sometimes known as "Lincoln ataxia," because the largest(More)
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  • Ian Baker, Daniel Owton, +4 authors Jeremy Copley
  • 2008
Active systems, using a near-infrared pulse laser and a fast, gated detector, are now adopted for most long range imaging applications. This concept is often called laser-gated imaging (LGI) or burst-illumination LIDAR (BIL). The SELEX solid state detector is based on an array of HgCdTe avalanche photodiodes, and a custom-designed CMOS multiplexer to(More)
If p is entire, g(z) = a + b exp(2πi/c) , where a , b , c are non-zero constants and the normal set of g(p) has no wandering components, then the same is true for the normal set of p(g). Let f be a rational function of degree at least 2 or a nonlinear entire function. Let f n , for n ∈ N denote the n th iterate of f. Denote the set of normality by N (f) and(More)
Active molecular targeting has become an important aspect of nanoparticle development for oncology indications. Here, we describe molecular targeting of iron oxide nanoparticles (IONPs) to the folate receptor alpha (FOLRα) using an engineered antibody fragment (Ffab). Compared to control nanoparticles targeting the non-relevant botulinum toxin, the(More)
The majority of cloud-to-ground (CG) lightning across the United States lowers negative charge to the ground. However, recent studies have documented storms that produce an abundance of positive CG lightning. These positive storms have been shown to occur in different mesoscale regions on the same days, and in different thermodynamic environments. This(More)