Ian Baird

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In 2001 a new Land Law was adopted in Cambodia. It was significant because – for the first time – it recognised a new legal category of people, 'Indigenous Peoples' or chuncheat daoem pheak tech in Khmer, and it also introduced the legal concept of communal land rights to Cambodia. Indigenous Peoples are not mentioned in the 1993 constitution of Cambodia or(More)
Small-scale fishers possess a vast amount of local ecological knowledge (LEK) about the fish and fisheries of the Mekong River and tributaries in southern Laos. Between 1993 and 1999, a community-based co-management programme was implemented for the conservation and sustainable management of living aquatic resources in the Siphandone (4000 islands) Wetlands(More)
Introduction In 2008, a small Barcelona, Spain-based non-governmental organization (NGOs), GRAIN, declared that the world—and particularly tropical and subtropical regions— were facing an unprecedented " global land grab " , involving foreign investors including governments acquiring large quantities of land in other countries to use for producing food to(More)
Ongoing and proposed construction of several large hydropower dams along the mainstream Mekong River and various tributaries has created a number of unanswered environmental and societal questions for governments and communities in Cambodia, China, Lao PDR, Myanmar, Thailand, and Vietnam [1–3]. Most concern over the controversial dam-building projects(More)
Today, game-changing grid technology with intelligent IT management is enabling business to dramatically improve the speed and effectiveness of their critical decision-making. Learn how Grid for Business Information is helping some of the world's largest companies achieve faster time-to-results and real competitive advantage by removing barriers to data(More)
Intrusion detection systems (IDS) attempt to address the vulnerability of computer-based systems for abuse by insiders and to penetration by outsiders. An IDS is often required to examine an enormous amount of data generated by computer networks to assist in the abuse detection process. It is therefore required to develop automated tools that address these(More)