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Among vertebrates, comparable spatial learning abilities have been found in birds, mammals, turtles and fishes, but virtually nothing is known about such abilities in amphibians. Overall, amphibians are the most sedentary vertebrates, but poison frogs (Dendrobatidae) routinely shuttle tadpoles from terrestrial territories to dispersed aquatic deposition(More)
The ability to associate environmental cues with valuable resources strongly increases the chances of finding them again, and thus memory often guides animal movement. For example, many temperate region amphibians show strong breeding site fidelity and will return to the same areas even after the ponds have been destroyed. In contrast, many tropical(More)
Except where otherwise indicated, this thesis is my own original work. for providing me with a great project, following my progress with interest and enthusiasm, and being such a tremendous source of knowledge and ideas. Daniel Frampton and Luke Quinane, who inspired me to do this project in the first place, and who this year have gone through the same(More)
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