Ian AS Rodrigues

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PURPOSE To define a minimum set of outcome measures for tracking, comparing, and improving macular degeneration care. DESIGN Recommendations from a working group of international experts in macular degeneration outcomes registry development and patient advocates, facilitated by the International Consortium for Health Outcomes Measurement (ICHOM). (More)
OBJECTIVES To evaluate surgical experience among current doctors appointed into ophthalmology training posts since the introduction of the Modernising Medical Careers programme. Additionally, to identify regional variations in surgical experience and training programme delivery. DESIGN A cross-sectional survey. SETTING The UK's four largest deaneries(More)
PURPOSE To quantify retinal displacement and metamorphopsia after surgery for epiretinal membrane (ERM) or full-thickness macular hole (FTMH). METHODS Fundus autofluorescence imaging was analyzed for evidence of retinal displacement. Displacement was quantified using a novel standardized approach with measures of vertical interarcade distance, fovea to(More)
Neovascular glaucoma is a sight-threatening condition, and can rapidly progress from rubeosis with normal intraocular pressure (IOP), to secondary open-angle glaucoma with raised IOP and finally secondary angle-closure glaucoma with uncontrolled IOP. Early detection and aggressive management with panretinal photocoagulation, intravitreal anti-vascular(More)
BACKGROUND Goniosynechialysis (GSL) to remove peripheral anterior synechiae (PAS) alongside standard cataract surgery has potential theoretical advantages, Published randomised trials, however, have not shown conclusive functional benefits and aqueous outflow changes following GSL are unknown. This study aimed to compare electronic Shiøtz tonographic(More)
Students can be a valuable resource for the scientific community, as demonstrated by Chen et al. [1]. However, it is not just undergraduate students who can contribute but secondary school students also. Previously some of us have published a Drosophila model of tauopathy where we have shown that overexpression of tau results in disruption of axonal(More)
AIM We present a novel surgical technique for repair of persistent and symptomatic cyclodialysis clefts refractory to conservative or minimally invasive treatment. BACKGROUND Numerous surgical techniques have been described to close cyclodialysis clefts. The current standard approach involves intraocular repair of cyclodialysis clefts underneath a(More)
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