Ian A. Crawford

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We develop a method for estimation of price reactions using unit value data which exploits the implicit links between quantity and unit value choices. This allows us to combine appealing Engel curve specifications with a model of unit value determination in a way which is consistent with demand theory, unlike methods hitherto prominent in the literature.(More)
The recently approved ExoMars rover is the first element of the ESA Aurora programme and is slated deliver the Pasteur exobiology payload to Mars by 2013. The 0.7 kg Panoramic Camera will provide multispectral stereo images with 65° field-of-view (1.1 mrad/pixel) and high resolution (85 µrad/pixel) monoscopic " zoom " images with 5° field-of-view. The(More)
Characteristics models have been found to be useful in many areas of economics. However , their empirical implementation tends to rely heavily on functional form assumptions. In this paper we develop a revealed preference approach to characteristics models. We derive the necessary and sufficient empirical conditions under which data on the market behaviour(More)
The Working Paper Series seeks to disseminate original research in economics and fi nance. All papers have been anonymously refereed. By publishing these papers, the Banco de España aims to contribute to economic analysis and, in particular, to knowledge of the Spanish economy and its international environment. The opinions and analyses in the Working Paper(More)