Ian A. Atkinson

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AIM The aims of this study were to highlight the problems associated with missing data in healthcare research and to demonstrate the use of several techniques for dealing with missing values, through the use of an illustrative example. BACKGROUND In healthcare research studies, it is almost impossible to avoid at least some missing values during data(More)
Mana Island (217 ha) provides opportunities for conservation despite over 150 years of farming. It is free from all introduced mammals except mice. It supports native coastal communities representative of the region and already has nationally threatened plants and animals. To take best advantage of these opportunities, it is suggested that: the present(More)
AIMS AND OBJECTIVES Most nursing research using quantitative empirical data involves entering information collected on data collection forms into a computer. This paper brings to attention issues related to the introduction of errors during this transfer of data and makes some recommendations as to how this might be dealt with. BACKGROUND Beyond concerns(More)
LPC based speech coders operating at bit rates below 3.0 kbits/sec are usually associated with buzzy or metallic artefacts in the synthetic speech. These are mainly attributable to the simplifying assumptions made about the excitation source, which are usually required to maintain such low bit rates. In this paper a new LPC vocoder is presented which splits(More)
For help in preparation of this article, thanks to Alain Chassagne, Luanda, Angola; Dan Deznan, Apache Energy Limited, Aberdeen, Scotland; Richard Kettle, Ahmadi, Kuwait; Donald Ross, Rosharon, Texas, USA; Jon Svaeren, Framo Engineering AS, Bergen, Norway; Eric Toskey, Bergen, Norway; and Laurent Yvon, Douala, Cameroon. 3-Phase, LiftPRO, NODAL, PhaseTester,(More)