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Major trends in forest successions following fires are identified for northern offshore islands of New Zealand. Data are from the author's observations over several decades, and published descriptions. Islands studied extend from the Cavalli group in the north to the Aldermen group in the south. Their original vegetation was largely destroyed by(More)
LPC based speech coders operating at bit rates below 3.0 kbits/sec are usually associated with buzzy or metallic artefacts in the synthetic speech. These are mainly attributable to the simplifying assumptions made about the excitation source, which are usually required to maintain such low bit rates. In this paper a new LPC vocoder is presented which splits(More)
To identify genes that render the adult-injured spinal cord nonpermissive and the embryonic spinal cord permissive to regeneration, we used subtraction hybridization and suppression PCR to generate subtractive cDNA populations representing (1) genes expressed in the embryonic but not in the adult-injured or uninjured spinal cords, (2) genes expressed in the(More)
Mana Island (217 ha) provides opportunities for conservation despite over 150 years of farming. It is free from all introduced mammals except mice. It supports native coastal communities representative of the region and already has nationally threatened plants and animals. To take best advantage of these opportunities, it is suggested that: the present(More)