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The post-natal development of the auditory-evoked responses to 1- and 4-kHz tone bursts has been studied in the cat with subcutaneous electrodes and signal-averaging techniques. A cochlear microphonic response antedates the earliest appearance of brain stem potentials by 1 or 2 days, and can be recorded in some animals on the first post-natal day with the(More)
The brain-stem electric responses of the cat evoked by a short 4 kHz tone burst have been differentially recorded between vertex and both ipsilateral and contralateral ear electrodes. Six vertex-positive waves can be recognised in both recordings. Animals with hereditary unilateral anacusis were studied in order to avoid cross-stimulation of the opposite(More)
To estimate the incidence of acute mastoiditis and identify predictors for mastoid surgery, a retrospective case record study of 38 children hospitalised for acute mastoiditis in Oslo from 1989 to 1998 was performed. Median age at diagnosis was 18 months and 13 (34%) of the children received mastoidectomy. Compared to the period 1970-1979, the incidence of(More)
A case is presented in which a metastatic cerebral abscess developed in a 62-year-old female who required repeated dilatation for an esophageal stricture following accidental ingestion of liquid caustic soda. The literature is reviewed and management suggested for the avoidance of this uncommon complication.
Ranulas are mucous extravasation cysts, and usually originate from the sublingual salivary gland. They may occasionally infiltrate the tissue planes of the neck and present as a cervical tumour. The literature is reviewed, and four personal cases of cervical ranula presented. Successful treatment may be achieved in the vast majority of cases by removal of(More)