Iain S Ross

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The reproducibility of albumin concentration in first-morning samples of urine was assessed in 334 insulin-dependent diabetic patients aged 18-60 years. The albumin excretion rate was determined immunoturbidimetrically in three sterile, Albustix-negative, first-morning urine samples submitted over a week. An abnormally high mean value, greater than or equal(More)
PURPOSE Patients are increasingly undergoing prostatic biopsy to identify localized prostate cancer. The decision to perform a biopsy is often made on the basis of total prostate specific antigen (PSA). However, this value lacks adequate specificity for this task. We evaluate the role that a number of these tests, including the Bayer complexed PSA (Bayer(More)
A collaborative study compared methods for measuring glycosylated haemoglobin in seven laboratories in the United Kingdom. No satisfactory standard for general use was found. Satisfactory internal quality control systems were in use for each assay which allowed the maintenance of a normal range in each participating laboratory. No satisfactory quality(More)
There is circumstantial evidence of a causal connection between type 1 diabetes in young Icelandic males and consumption of smoked cured mutton, containing N-nitroso compounds, by their parents at about the time of conception. This hypothesis has been examined in CD1 mice, and such processed mutton, consumed by the parents before mating and during pregnancy(More)
Advanced glycation end (AGE)-products, a complex and heterogeneous group of compounds, have been implicated in diabetes-related long-term complications. Up to the present, only few data exist about serum levels of the AGE-proteins N- epsilon -carboxymethyllysine (CML) and pentosidine in selection-free populations of patients with type 1 and insulin-treated(More)
Our objective was to design a structured approach to maintaining comparability of biochemical data during a long clinical trial. Maintaining the comparability of clinical and biochemical data obtained in long-term studies is essential, even though analytical methods in the laboratory may be changed, conventions on specimen handling and storage revised,(More)
Since 1990 in most Eastern European countries health care systems have been decentralized or are undergoing the processes of decentralization. Increasingly, diabetic patients are no longer treated by diabetologists but by non-specialized physicians. During the same period structured treatment and teaching programmes have been introduced and health care is(More)
A nickel resistant strain of the yeast Candida utilis was obtained by selection of spontaneous mutants on solid medium containing 3 mM Ni2+. In time-course experiments, non-growing suspensions of the mutant strain took up approximately 50% less nickel than the parent strain over 30 min incubation in MES buffer plus glucose at pH 5.5. Efflux of nickel from(More)
This study examined the effects of an aldose reductase inhibitor, Sorbinil, on neuropathy over a 6-month period in streptozotocin-diabetic rats. Sorbinil treatment prevented the 10-fold increase in nerve sorbitol found with diabetes. It produced a 60% improvement in tibial nerve motor conduction velocity after 6 months. Morphometric profiles of nerves were(More)
N-Acetyl-beta-D-glucosaminidase (NAG) activity has been measured in the serum and urine of diabetics. Results have shown significantly higher levels of serum NAG in newly diagnosed diabetics (945 +/- 372 units/ml) compared to non-diabetic controll (668 +/- 225, p less than 0.005) and the levels were reduced by treatment (778 +/- 218, p less than 0.05).(More)