Iain S Denniss

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We report the syntheses and crystal structures of (NH4)11[Ln(III)(PMo11O39)2.xH2O (where Ln = every trivalent lanthanide cation except promethium) in which two lacunary [PMo11O39]7- anions sandwich an 8-coordinate Ln(III) cation to yield the complex anion, [LnIII(PMo11O39)2]11-. The 14 salts crystallise in two different space groups, C2/c or P1, but the(More)
The preparations of chymotrypsin C (EC and an acidic endopeptidase from porcine pancreas have been repeated using published procedures. The acidic endopeptidase showed lower activity than chymotrypsin C in all comparative experiments, but it was possible to precipitate a fraction from the acidic endopeptidase preparation which contained all the(More)
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