Iain Robertson

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[1] The creation of networks of shell-based chronologies which can provide regionally extensive high-resolution proxies for the marine environment depends on the spatial extent of the common environmental signal preserved in the shell banding and on the reliability of the dating model. Here Arctica islandica chronologies from five neighboring sites in the(More)
[1] Cloud cover is one of the most important factors controlling the radiation balance of the Earth. The response of cloud cover to increasing global temperatures represents the largest uncertainty in model estimates of future climate because the cloud response to temperature is not well‐ constrained. Here we present the first regional reconstruction of(More)
A proxy rainfall record for northeastern South Africa based on carbon isotope analysis of four baobab (Adansonia digitata L.) trees shows centennial and decadal scale variability over the last 1,000 years. The record is in good agreement with a 200-year tree ring record from Zimbabwe, and it indicates the existence of a rainfall dipole between the summer(More)
Phenological changes in key seasonally expressed life-history traits occurring across periods of climatic and environmental change can cause temporal mismatches between interacting species, and thereby impact population and community dynamics. However, studies quantifying long-term phenological changes have commonly only measured variation occurring in(More)
The high concentration of N and K caused a weakening of physiological conditions of the trees. Application of N, P and K from starch effluent is not a suitable method of waste management. Since 1984, potato starch effluent has been applied to trees in the Iława Forest Inspectorate to promote the biological utilization of this waste product containing high(More)
This report addresses the question: What does it take to achieve and maintain sustainable urban roadside restoration projects in Western Washington that provide for necessary roadside functions at lowest lifecycle costs? It makes recommendations under five categories: general, agency communication and process, design, construction, and maintenance. It(More)
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