Iain M. Brown

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There are three reasons for giving serious consideration to technological countermeasures against driver fatigue: 1, fatigue is a persistent occupational hazard for professional drivers; 2, some professional drivers are under considerable pressure to reach their scheduled destination, in spite of feeling drowsy; 3, fatigue adversely affects an individual's(More)
Observational studies of drivers' involvements in dangerous situations suggest that young males drive differently from other road users. Studies of drivers' assessments of their own ability appear to show that they believe they drive better than their peers and that, while young males equate their ability with that of older male drivers, the latter group(More)
1. When free of surface water in air or liquid paraffin, the antarctic nematode Panagrolaimus davidi is freezing intolerant but avoids freezing by supercooling. 2. Survival of long-term exposure is enhanced by sub-zero temperatures compared with controls maintained at 99% relative humidity and 15 °C. 3. In water the nematodes are seeded by exogenous ice(More)
The use of computer-based visualisation as a technique for enhanced 3D geological interpretation is assessed by using a general-purpose scientific visualisation system: AVS. Geological data-sets are analysed according to the whether they can be classified as surface data, volume data or discrete shapes known as unstructured cell data. A variety of(More)
1. The disposition of an intravenous bolus of indocyanine green (ICG) has been studied in healthy man and baboons using a novel analysis of a two compartment pharmacokinetic model. 2. This analysis enabled the hepatic extraction ratio (ER) of dye to be determined solely from the plasma disappearance curve, and the ER determined did not differ from that(More)
Immediate breast reconstruction (IBR) has been considered by some to lead to a delay in the delivery of adjuvant chemotherapy. Our aim was to determine whether IBR led to a delay when compared to conservation surgery and non-reconstructive mastectomy. Ninety-five cases of IBR receiving chemotherapy were reviewed. These were compared to 95 consecutively(More)
The distribution of zinc between the mother and the fetoplacental unit, and its placental transfer, were studied using stable and isotopic zinc in unanaesthetized pregnant guinea pigs and an in situ perfusion preparation. The concentration of stable zinc in fetal plasma and skeletal muscle was higher than that in the maternal tissues: 2.0 compared with 1.4(More)
212 women with twin pregnancies were randomly allocated either to receive advice to rest in hospital from 32 weeks' gestation until delivery, or to be part of a control group in which hospital admission was offered selectively (and, on average, 5 weeks later). Preterm delivery was more common among women admitted routinely for bed rest than among controls,(More)
This study examined the prevalence of depression in a nonclinical adolescent population (N = 2,698) in a major Canadian city. The Beck Depression Inventory was administered to students in three secondary schools. An analysis of variance revealed significant main effects of age and gender. The percentage of students categorized as experiencing none to mild(More)