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A millimeter and sub-millimeter continuous wave system has been used to image corrosion pitting, structural defects, and heat damage in common aircraft materials such as aluminum and polyamides. In order to avoid failure of components during operation, many aircraft parts are replaced earlier than necessary leading to higher costs that could be reduced if(More)
A 19 mm diameter prototype bioprosthetic valve mounted in a cardiac pulse duplicator was characterized using Doppler echocardiography and qualitative flow visualization at a heart rate of 72 bpm. Analysis of the flow visualization images revealed that the prototype and control valve leaflets open symmetrically but close asymmetrically. The asymmetry in the(More)
Leaflet skin friction and stiffness were found to have a significant influence on the systolic performance of a 19 mm diameter bioprosthetic aortic valve based on fluid–structure interaction simulations at a heart rate of 72 bpm. Four different leaflet skin friction coefficients (0.0, 9.2 × 10−4, 4.8 × 10−2 and 4.8 × 10−1) were simulated along with three(More)
Experiments performed on a 19 mm diameter bioprosthetic valve were used to successfully validate the fluid–structure interaction (FSI) simulation of an aortic valve at 72 bpm. The FSI simulation was initialized via a novel approach utilizing a Doppler sonogram of the experimentally tested valve. Using this approach very close quantitative agreement (≤12.5(More)
EEG recordings of hippocampal theta activity and neocortical activity were correlated with direct observations and photographic recordings of the behaviour of unrestrained cats. The behaviour studied included (1) both spontaneous and induced changes in level of arousal (sleep-wakefulness), (2) different types of orienting activity that occur as the animal(More)
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