Iain Jeffery

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Familial Incontinentia pigmenti (IP) is a rare X-linked dominant condition. The affected cases have characteristic skin lesions, hair, eye, teeth and nail abnormalities and may also have neurological problems. The diagnosis has traditionally been made on clinical grounds. Segregation analysis has suggested that it is lethal in males. Only one liveborn male(More)
We report a new method of ankle arthrodesis which combines an anterior approach with a dowel technique of bone grafting and screw fixation. In 20 ankles of 20 patients, ten with osteoarthritis, eight with rheumatoid arthritis and two others, we achieved 19 solid bony fusions and one painless fibrous ankylosis. The average time to union was 12.5 weeks.(More)
OBJECTIVE To describe the frequency, duration, and management of flares as reported by patients with rheumatoid arthritis (RA). METHODS Data were collected in a prospective observational study of patients with RA recruited from a single academic center and treated according to the rheumatologists' discretion. Every 6 months, patients reported the number(More)
We have treated six patients with chronic pain following nerve injury using a cryosurgical probe. All had a significant return of hand function and improvement of pain during a mean follow-up of 13.5 months. Open visualisation of the injured nervous tissue is essential for patients undergoing this technique. Four patients regained normal sensation in the(More)
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