Iain Goodhew

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OBJECTIVE To assess the usefulness, compatibility, and long-term operability of a microelectrode array into the median nerve of the left arm of a healthy volunteer, including perception of feedback stimulation and operation of an instrumented prosthetic hand. SETTING The study was carried out from March 14 through June 18, 2002, in England and the United(More)
Acetaminophen may increase International Normalized Ratio (INR) in patients taking anticoagulation medication, and in patients with acetaminophen poisoning without hepatic injury. The objective of this study was to describe and investigate the effect of acetaminophen on INR. The authors studied patients admitted to a regional toxicology treatment center(More)
In this paper, the discussion is focused on the concept of a personal robot system, which is capable of tracking and following a human operator. A prototype robot has been designed and constructed to function externally within a human-centric environment, and this is introduced. The main features of its operation are described and some specific problem(More)
This paper describes an investigation into the use of implant technology in forming a bidirectional link between the human nervous system and a computer. The microelectrode implant and the required neurosurgery are described in detail. Various application studies are described, including interaction with an articulated robot hand, a group of autonomous(More)
In this paper an attempt is described to increase the range of human sensory capabilities by means of implant technology. The key aim is to create an additional sense by feeding signals directly to the human brain, via the nervous system rather than via a presently operable human sense. Neural implant technology was used to directly interface a human(More)
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