Iain Dickson

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The levels of type X collagen in mineralizing normal chicken epiphyses and nonmineralizing rachitic chicken tibial epiphyses were measured and compared. Qualitative immunoperoxidase studies with anti-chick type X collagen monoclonal antibodies on sections from normal and rachitic cartilage demonstrated that the type X collagen levels in rachitic growth(More)
BACKGROUND The effectiveness of intermittent montelukast for wheeze in young children is unclear. We aimed to assess whether intermittent montelukast is better than placebo for treatment of wheeze in this age group. Because copy numbers of the Sp1-binding motif in the arachidonate 5-lipoxygenase (ALOX5) gene promoter (either 5/5, 5/x, or x/x, where x does(More)
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