Iain C.A.F. Robinson

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The pituitary develops from the interaction of the infundibulum, a region of the ventral diencephalon, and Rathke's pouch, a derivative of oral ectoderm. Postnatally, its secretory functions are controlled by hypothalamic neurons, which also derive from the ventral diencephalon. In humans, mutations affecting the X-linked transcription factor SOX3 are(More)
OBJECTIVE Somatostatin (SST) is secreted by islet delta-cells and by extraislet neuroendocrine cells. SST receptors have been identified on alpha- and beta-cells, and exogenous SST inhibits insulin and glucagon secretion, consistent with a role for SST in regulating alpha- and beta-cell function. However, the specific intraislet function of delta-cell SST(More)
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