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BACKGROUND Adherence to highly active antiretroviral therapy (HAART) medication is the greatest patient-enabled predictor of treatment success and mortality for those who have access to drugs. We systematically reviewed the literature to determine patient-reported barriers and facilitators to adhering to antiretroviral therapy. METHODS AND FINDINGS We(More)
RATIONALE The pattern of IgE response (over time or to specific allergens) may reflect different atopic vulnerabilities which are related to the presence of asthma in a fundamentally different way from current definition of atopy. OBJECTIVES To redefine the atopic phenotype by identifying latent structure within a complex dataset, taking into account the(More)
One aspect of electronic care records which has received little attention is the potential benefit to clinical research. Electronic records could facilitate new interfaces between care and research environments, leading to great improvements in the scope and efficiency of research. Benefits range from systematically generating hypotheses for research to(More)
BACKGROUND Information technology can help individuals to change their health behaviors. This is due to its potential for dynamic and unbiased information processing enabling users to monitor their own progress and be informed about risks and opportunities specific to evolving contexts and motivations. However, in many behavior change interventions,(More)
BACKGROUND Semi-structured interview scales for psychosis are the gold standard approach to assessing psychotic and other symptoms. However, such assessments have limitations such as recall bias, averaging, insensitivity to change and variable interrater reliability. Ambulant, real-time self-report assessment devices may hold advantages over interview(More)
Objectives In a review of UK-supported clinical trials more than half of the investigators asked the funding agency for an extension and a third did not hit their recruitment targets [1]. Study feasibility is often assessed on an ad hoc basis by asking clinical staff to estimate how many patients with particular characteristics they might expect to see in a(More)
BACKGROUND The term "atopic march" has been used to imply a natural progression of a cascade of symptoms from eczema to asthma and rhinitis through childhood. We hypothesize that this expression does not adequately describe the natural history of eczema, wheeze, and rhinitis during childhood. We propose that this paradigm arose from cross-sectional analyses(More)
BACKGROUND Population impact measures (PIMs) have been developed as tools to help policy-makers with locally relevant decisions over health risks and benefits. This involves estimating and prioritizing potential benefits of interventions in specific populations. Using tuberculosis (TB) in India as an example, we examined the population impact of two(More)
BACKGROUND Identifying different patterns of allergens and understanding their predictive ability in relation to asthma and other allergic diseases is crucial for the design of personalized diagnostic tools. METHODS Allergen-IgE screening using ImmunoCAP ISAC(®) assay was performed at age 11 yrs in children participating a population-based birth cohort.(More)
/*program that runs interrupted time series (segmented) linear regression-problem is that effects are fixed*/ program ITSfixed local txt1 = "P:\Evan\Quip\2008analysis_4timepoints\main\" /*first argument: the name of the variable (angscore or angnsf)*/ if "`1'"=="" { display "you need to include the dependent variable's name as the first argument" error 197(More)