Iain B. H. Wilson

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Glucagon is a pancreatic hormone of 29 amino acids that regulates carbohydrate metabolism and glicentin is an intestinal peptide of 69 amino acids that contains the sequence of glucagon flanked by peptide extensions at the amino and carboxy termini. The glucagon gene encodes a precursor containing glucagon and two additional, structurally related,(More)
Any sample of genes traces back to a single common ancestor. Each gene also has other properties: its sequence, its geographic location and the phenotype and fitness of the organism that carries it. With sexual reproduction, different genes have different genealogies, which gives us much more information, but also greatly complicates population genetic(More)
In a journey lasting 40 years from the first reports on its activity in the 1960s to its purification and the cloning of relevant complementary DNAs, peptide O-xylosyltransferase has finally arrived at the same point as many other enzymes. This enzyme, whose systematic name is UDP-α-D-xylose:proteoglycan core protein β-D-xylosyltransferase (EC,(More)