Iain Andrew Wallace

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PURPOSE The purposes of this study are to investigate the tear meniscus height (TMH), lipid layer, and critical dimensions of the lower punctum lacrimale (DPL) in normal human subjects over a large age range; and to determine the shape and general characteristics of the lower punctum lacrimale in a normal population. METHODS TMH and DPL were measured(More)
We extend to more than one spatial dimension the semiclassical full-wave vector Maxwell-Bloch equations for the purpose of achieving an adequate and rigorous description of ultrashort pulse propagation in optical waveguides containing resonant nonlinearities. Our considerations are based on the generalized pseudospin formalism introduced by Hioe and Eberly(More)
Pilot testing of an assay intended for high-throughput screening (HTS) with small compound sets is a necessary but often time-consuming step in the validation of an assay protocol. When the initial testing concentration is less than optimal, this can involve iterative testing at different concentrations to further evaluate the pilot outcome, which can be(More)
We present experimental results of the dynamics in a semiconductor laser operating on several longitudinal modes subject to external feedback. Both low-frequency fluctuations (LFFs) and locked states are studied through observing the outputs from the dominant mode, all modes except the dominant mode, and all modes. Synchronized dropout events of LFFs are(More)
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