Iain Anderson

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The application of shotgun sequencing to environmental samples has revealed a new universe of microbial community genomes (metagenomes) involving previously uncultured organisms. Metagenome analysis, which is expected to provide a comprehensive picture of the gene functions and metabolic capacity for microbial communities, needs to be conducted in the(More)
This paper describes an agent system to demonstrate the practically of the INCA (Intelligent Community Support for the Elderly) architecture. This architecture is intended to integrate a number of autonomous systems; home monitoring, community alarms, care management systems and emergency systems command and control systems using agent technology to build(More)
UNLABELLED We describe a general multiplatform exploratory tool called TreeQ-Vista, designed for presenting functional annotations in a phylogenetic context. Traits, such as phenotypic and genomic properties, are interactively queried from a user-provided relational database with a user-friendly interface which provides a set of tools for users with or(More)
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