Iago Rodríguez-López

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Handling the dynamics of future service-based distributed systems in real-time is a complex problem; a number of state transitions or reconfigurations take place that must be handled in real-time; this requires to impose some bounds to the structure of the system to ensure timely operation. We present a model for real-time reconfiguration based on a service(More)
The increasing complexity of networked embedded systems (NES) brings in the vision of large-scale systems made of subparts with decoupled interaction. In highly decoupled environments, it is required to introduce software paradigms that adjust well to this degree of independence among subsystems. In modern NES, real-time properties and reconfiguration(More)
Currently, there are a number of communication middleware technologies that are successful solutions to provide an abstraction for distributed computing in different domains. Although most current middlewares offer different interfaces for a number of programming languages, they are usually bound to use one specific communication paradigm. The usage of(More)
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