Iacopo Carusotto

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We investigate the coherence properties of an atomic beam evaporatively cooled in a magnetic guide, assuming thermal equilibrium in the quantum degenerate regime. The gas experiences two-dimensional, transverse Bose-Einstein condensation rather than a full three-dimensional condensation because of the very elongated geometry of the magnetic guide. First(More)
We propose a Raman spectroscopy technique which is able to probe the one-particle Green function, the Fermi surface, and the quasiparticles of a gas of strongly interacting ultracold atoms. We give quantitative examples of experimentally accessible spectra. The efficiency of the method is validated by means of simulated images for the case of a usual Fermi(More)
A quantum fluid passing an obstacle behaves differently from a classical one. When the flow is slow enough, the quantum gas enters a superfluid regime, and neither whirlpools nor waves form around the obstacle. For higher flow velocities, it has been predicted that the perturbation induced by the defect gives rise to the turbulent emission of quantized(More)
We theoretically investigate the optical response of a one-dimensional array of strongly nonlinear optical microcavities. When the optical nonlinearity is much larger than both losses and intercavity tunnel coupling, the nonequilibrium steady state of the system is reminiscent of a strongly correlated Tonks-Girardeau gas of impenetrable bosons. Signatures(More)
We report numerical evidence of Hawking emission of Bogoliubov phonons from a sonic horizon in a flowing one-dimensional atomic Bose-Einstein condensate. The presence of Hawking radiation is revealed from peculiar long-range patterns in the density-density correlation function of the gas. Quantitative agreement between our fully microscopic calculations and(More)
Resonant optical excitation of lowest-energy excitonic transitions in self-assembled quantum dots leads to nuclear spin polarization that is qualitatively different from the well-known optical orientation phenomena. By carrying out a comprehensive set of experiments, we demonstrate that nuclear spin polarization manifests itself in quantum dots subjected to(More)
We present a numerically tractable method to solve exactly the evolution of a N boson system with binary interactions. The density operator of the system ρ is obtained as the stochastic average of particular operators |Ψ 1 Ψ 2 | of the system. The states |Ψ 1,2 are either Fock states |N : φ 1,2 or coherent states |coh : φ 1,2 with each particle in the state(More)
We analyze the nonequilibrium dynamics of a gas of interacting photons in an array of coupled dissipative nonlinear cavities when driven by a pulsed external coherent field. Using a mean-field approach, we show that the response of the system is strongly sensitive to the underlying (equilibrium) quantum phase transition from a Mott insulator to a superfluid(More)