Ia M Shvets

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Bioluminescent analysis has been made of the effect of oxygen supply on the content of ATP in the isolated olfactory epithelium of the frog. It was shown that storage of epithelium preparations in the air increases their ATP content. When preparations are kept in the atmosphere of an inert gas, ATP level in the epithelium rapidly decreases, being recovered(More)
The impact of various methods of plasty, using net implants, on results of umbilical hernias treatment was studied in experimental and clinical investigation. The umbilical hernias plasty was performed in accordance to the IPOM (intraperitoneal on lay mesh) method, application of which have permitted to reduce a hospital stay of the patients as well as(More)
The spinal mechanism of the phantom pain origin is proved. The underlying factors are: segmentary spinal denervation hypersensitivity and attenuation of the descending inhibitory influence. The pathogenetic treatment of phantom pains is proposed by means of an associated treatment by GABA-ergic drug--Baclofen and alpha-2--adrenomimetic--Clofelin. Good(More)
Generation of electric (delta psi) and chemical (delta pH) components of electrochemical proton gradient delta muH+, in plasma membrane vesicles of Heracleum sosnovskyi phloem cells was investigated. ATP-dependent generation of delta psi at pH 6.0 in the presence of Mg2+ and K+ was established with the help of fluorescent probes AU+ and ANS-. Protonophore(More)
The distribution of ATP in different parts of the frog olfactory organ was investigated. It is demonstrated that the highest macroerg amount is characteristic of the receptor part of olfactory mucosa. The amount of ATP decreased after the stimulation of the olfactory mucosa by odorants. The role of ATP in olfactory receptor process is discussed.
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