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[Problems of diagnosis and treatment of pulmonary thesaurismosis].
Investigations to try radical therapy of the disease are needed in view of short-term effects of commonly used bronchoalveolar lavage, endolymphatic chymotrypsin in combination with heparin. Expand
[Endolymphatic introduction of preparations and surgical treatment of patients with wide spread destructive lung tuberculosis].
Comparative analysis of application effectiveness of endolymphatic and conventional ways of preparations introduction at the time of preoperative schedule and the patients treatment with a wideExpand
[Clinico-laboratory basis for the endolymphatic use of beta-lactam antibiotics in pulmonology].
Endolymphatic use of cefuroxime and claforan resulted in a significant improvement of the functions of the T- and B-immunity systems and the indices of natural resistance in patients with acute abscess forming and persisting pneumonia. Expand
[Administration of medications via a lymphatic vessel in the treatment of diffuse peritonitis and sepsis].
Gauze-sorbent tampons used in empyema of pleura give rapid cleaning of the cavity walls from pyo-necrotic masses and decreased the activity of the inflammatory process. Expand