Ia A Al'tman

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  • Ia A Al'tman
  • Zhurnal evoliutsionnoĭ biokhimii i fiziologii
  • 1990
In patients with epileptic lesions in the cortex and mediobasal structures of the brain, studies have been made on the perception of spatial position of sound images during dichotic stimulation. It was established that the extreme interval which is necessary for formation of sensation of the moving sound image increases during right-side lesions of the(More)
  • Ia A Al'tman
  • Zhurnal vyssheĭ nervnoĭ deiatelnosti imeni I P…
  • 2008
The significant role of inertial features of the auditory system in localization of moving sound sources is presented. This inertia requires some time of observation about the movement in space of the auditory signals. Slower time of estimation of the localizing features of the moving sound source (as comparing with the unmoving one) is followed by the(More)
In experiments on anaesthetized cats, studies have been made of intracellular and extracellular responses of single units in the auditory cortex during dichotic stimulation simulating sound source motion. Responses of some cortical units exhibit strong dependence on the signal parameters related to spatial and directional characteristics of simulated sound(More)
33 out of 90 neurons of the cat medial geniculate body revealed the selectivity of their afterdischarges to movement of sound when velocity of the movement changed from 30 to 180 deg/s. There was a specific velocity of the movement for each neuron. 76% of the neurons preferred the movement of 45--90 deg/s. 9 neurons had a periodic character of responses.(More)