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BACKGROUND Many manuscripts submitted to biomedical journals are rejected for reasons that include low-quality of the manuscripts. AIM The aim of this study is to identify and characterize the common errors in manuscripts submitted to medical journals based in Africa and Asia. MATERIALS AND METHODS Reviewers' reports on 42 manuscripts were analyzed(More)
Ogoja is an agrarian community endowed with vast acres of agricultural land, human and material resources needed for agricult ural development, poverty reduction and sustainable food production. But the challenges posed by soil problems in agricultural production have been an issue of general concern among farmers in the study area. This concern is(More)
The PH properties of the soils of the Peter Natter School of Agriculture Ugwuomu, Enugu state were investigated. Soil samples were collected from surface and subsurface horizons 0-20cm and 20-40cm respectively in seven different locations. The two different horizon depths are tagged x and y and soil samples of the same depth in the seven different locations(More)
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