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Antigen suspensions of enzyme-treated, formalin-fixed promastigotes of three species of Leishmania (L. donovani, L. tropica, and L. braziliensis) were evaluated by using the direct agglutination test with serum samples from healthy individuals and patients with confirmed cases of visceral and cutaneous leishmaniasis. High cross-reactivity was obtained with(More)
Much of the work on immunology of hydatidosis has so far been devoted to the development of suitable methods for serological diagnosis. The precise nature of hydatid antigens and their chemical characterization has still not been worked out, largely because of the complex life-history of the parasite and the difficulties of in vitro cultivation. The most(More)
The results of IHA test surveys of persons with malaria parasitaemia in Ethiopia and the Philippines suggest that the antibody response may be influenced by the frequency and intensity of the antigenic stimulations and also be age-dependent. Antibody frequency distribution curves from four different areas suggest that the shape of such curves can provide(More)
Antibody prevalence to Toxoplasma gondii among residents of a Pacific coastal region of Oaxaca State, Mexico is among low rates reported worldwide. From 60 small, rural communities, 3229 persons from ages 6 months to over 70 years provided blood specimens that were stored on filter papers. 124 (3.8%) of the eluates were seropositive (positive titer greater(More)