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The Alu repeat sequence is estimated to account for 5% of human genomic DNA. The precise relationship of Alu sequences to human fully spliced cDNA has yet to be determined, although many new protocols for cloning cDNAs either depend on the presence of Alus or--more usually--rely on their absence in a population of messages. Previous estimates of the(More)
We have mapped GRB2, a signal transduction gene whose protein product is an essential component of the pathway between tyrosine kinases (such as the epidermal growth factor receptor) and downstream proteins (such as Ras and Sos). We assigned GRB2 to human chromosome 17 by hybridization to a somatic cell hybrid mapping panel. To position the locus at a much(More)
We have mapped the PLCG2 gene, which encodes the enzyme phosphatidyl inositol-specific phospholipase C-gamma 2. This is one of the phospholipases responsible for catalyzing the hydrolysis of phosphatidyl inositol in response to a great many mitogenic stimuli. PL C-gamma 2 is an essential component of the signal transduction pathway between tyrosine kinases(More)
To access a wide a variety of expressed sequence from human chromosome 21 we have placed this chromosome into undifferentiated P19 mouse embryonic carcinoma cells. Cell lines resulting from these experiments have a range of morphologies and a wide variety of karyotypes. We have studied the retinoic acid response of five cell lines, compared to P19 cells, by(More)
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