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Copper in plants
Copper is an essential metal for normal plant growth and development, although it is also potentially toxic. Copper participates in numerous physiological processes and is an essential cofactor forExpand
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Copper in plants: acquisition, transport and interactions.
  • I. Yruela
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Functional plant biology : FPB
  • 1 May 2009
Copper is an essential metal for plants. It plays key roles in photosynthetic and respiratory electron transport chains, in ethylene sensing, cell wall metabolism, oxidative stress protection andExpand
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Photoinhibition of Photosystem II from Higher Plants
Strong illumination of Cu(II)-inhibited photosystem II membranes resulted in a faster loss of oxygen evolution activity compared with that of the intact samples. The phenomenon was oxygen- andExpand
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Unusual tolerance to high temperatures in a new herbicide-resistant D1 mutant from Glycine max (L.) Merr. cell cultures deficient in fatty acid desaturation
Abstract. The unusual tolerance to heat stress of STR7, an atrazine-resistant mutant isolated from photosynthetic cell-suspension cultures of soybean (Glycine max L. Merr. cv. Corsoy) andExpand
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Sedimentary lipid biogeochemistry of an hypereutrophic alkaline lagoon
Abstract A detailed study of the lipid composition of sedimentary and water particulate samples of a dilute alkaline lake (Santa Olalla Lagoon, Guadalquivir Delta, southwestern Spain) has allowed theExpand
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Bicarbonate is an essential constituent of the water-oxidizing complex of photosystem II.
It is shown that restoration of photoinduced electron flow and O2 evolution with Mn2+ in Mn-depleted photosystem II (PSII) membrane fragments isolated from spinach chloroplasts is considerablyExpand
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Copper effect on the protein composition of photosystem II
We provide data from in vitro experiments on the polypeptide composition, photosynthetic electron transport and oxygen evolution activity of intact photosystem II (PSII) preparations under Cu(II)Expand
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Identification of the pheophytin-QA-Fe domain of the reducing side of the photosystem II as the Cu(II)-inhibitory binding site.
Oxygen evolution by photosystem II membranes was inhibited by Cu(II) when 2,6-dichlorobenzoquinone or ferricyanide, but not silicomolybdate, was used as electron acceptor. This indicated that Cu(II)Expand
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Excess copper effect on growth, chloroplast ultrastructure, oxygen-evolution activity and chlorophyll fluorescence in Glycine max cell suspensions
The influence of excess copper on soybean photosynthetic cell suspensions was investigated. The cell suspensions grew well in the presence of 5–20 µM CuSO4 and developed tolerance to even higherExpand
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Precise location of the Cu(II)-inhibitory binding site in higher plant and bacterial photosynthetic reaction centers as probed by light-induced absorption changes.
Light-dependent absorption change at 325 nm, ascribed to QA activity, was strongly reduced in the presence of Cu(II) in oxygen-evolving core complex. This change was much less affected in theExpand
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