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Justice and the Politics of Difference
This book challenges the prevailing philosophical reduction of social justice to distributive justice. It critically analyzes basic concepts underlying most theories of justice, includingExpand
Inclusion and Democracy
Introduction. Chapter 1: Democracy and Justice. Chapter 2: Inclusive Political Communication. Chapter 3: Social Difference as a Political Resource. Chapter 4: Representation and Social Perspective.Expand
On female body experience : "Throwing like a girl" and other essays
Written over a span of more than two decades, the essays by Iris Marion Young collected in this volume describe diverse aspects of women's lived body experience in modern Western societies. DrawingExpand
Five Faces of Oppression
Les concepts d'oppression, de groupe social | l'exploitation, la marginalisation, le non-pouvoir, l'imperialisme culturel, la violence
Throwing like a girl and other essays in feminist philosophy and social theory
Feminist social theory and female body experience are the twin themes of Iris Marion Young's twelve outstanding essays written over the past decade and brought together here. Her contributions toExpand
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  • 1 January 2006
The essay theorizes the responsibilities moral agents may be said to have in relation to global structural social processes that have unjust consequences. How ought moral agents, whether individualExpand
Throwing like a girl: A phenomenology of feminine body comportment motility and spatiality
A shaving implement for raising and holding low-lying hairs in an erect position for cutting by a blade edge and for distributing shaving force which includes resilient hair raising means springExpand
Polity and Group Difference: A Critique of the Ideal of Universal Citizenship
An ideal of universal citizenship has driven the emancipatory momentum of modern political life. Ever since the bourgeoisie challenged aristocratic privileges by claiming equal political rights forExpand
Activist Challenges to Deliberative Democracy
It seems there is an insuperable contradiction between two conceptions of social change : one rooted in collective action and critique by activists, the other based on the construction of aExpand