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2-GHz Si power MOSFET technology
  • I. Yoshida
  • International Electron Devices Meeting. IEDM…
  • 1997
A 2-GHz Si power MOSFET with 50% power-added efficiency and 1.0-W output power at a 3.6-V supply voltage has been developed for use as an RF high-power amplifier in wireless applications. This MOSFETExpand
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Thick-Strained-Si/Relaxed-SiGe Structure of High-Performance RF Power LDMOSFETs for Cellular Handsets
A strained-Si/relaxed-SiGe structure was applied to laterally diffused MOSFETs (LDMOSFETs) in order to improve the PAE of cellular handset RF power-amplifier applications. The LDMOSFETs wereExpand
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Ultrathin-film Local Oscillator for Determination of Complex Components of Second-Order Nonlinear Susceptibility.
The second-harmonic generation (SHG) interferometry technique has to date been used to determine the phase of second-harmonic (SH) light generated in a single polarization combination of a polarizerExpand
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Thermal stability and secondary breakdown in planar power MOSFET's
The destructive secondary-breakdown mechanism of high-voltage n-channel power MOSFET's is discussed. A model is proposed in which the secondary breakdown is caused primarily by theExpand
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Strained-silicon MOSFETs for analog applications: utilizing a supercritical-thickness strained Layer for low leakage current and high breakdown Voltage
Strained-silicon MOSFETs with both high breakdown voltage and low leakage current needed for RF/analog applications were investigated. Proper control of junction-depth profile andExpand
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High performance scaled down Si LDMOSFET with thin gate bird's beak technology for RF power amplifiers
A high performance Si LDMOSFET for RF power amplifiers has been developed for cellular phone applications. This MOSFET achieves low on-state resistance (Ron) (4.0 /spl Omega/ mm) and highExpand
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Reliability of Nano-Meter Thick Multi-Layer Dielectric Films on Poly-Crystalline Silicon
A guiding principle of designing double layer dielectric film (SiO2/Si3N4) on poly-Si was established in order to scale down VLSIs. The oxidation of Si3N4 reduces leakage current and defect density.Expand
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A high power MOSFET with a vertical drain electrode and meshed gate structure
A power MOSFET is developed which exhibits 20A current, 3000mΩ transconductance and 85V breakdown voltage in a 5×5mm2chip. The features of the device structure are a vertical drain electrode whichExpand
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Strained-silicon MOSFETs of low leakage current and high breakdown voltage for analog applications
Strained-silicon MOSFETs of both high breakdown voltage and low leakage current were fabricated by employing a thick strained-silicon layer. It is demonstrated that proper control of junction depthExpand
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Characterization and Improvement of Power MOSFET Switching Loss
A model to evaluate power MOSFET switching loss is developed. Frequency dependencies are measured using a one-transistor forward converter and compared with calculated ones. For comparison, maximumExpand
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