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The worldwide leaf economics spectrum
Bringing together leaf trait data spanning 2,548 species and 175 sites we describe, for the first time at global scale, a universal spectrum of leaf economics consisting of key chemical, structuralExpand
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Bivariate line‐fitting methods for allometry
Fitting a line to a bivariate dataset can be a deceptively complex problem, and there has been much debate on this issue in the literature. In this review, we describe for the practitioner theExpand
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Causes and consequences of variation in leaf mass per area (LMA): a meta-analysis.
Here, we analysed a wide range of literature data on the leaf dry mass per unit area (LMA). In nature, LMA varies more than 100-fold among species. Part of this variation (c. 35%) can be ascribed toExpand
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Plant Ecological Strategies: Some Leading Dimensions of Variation Between Species
▪ Abstract An important aim of plant ecology is to identify leading dimensions of ecological variation among species and to understand the basis for them. Dimensions that can readily be measuredExpand
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Global convergence in the vulnerability of forests to drought
Shifts in rainfall patterns and increasing temperatures associated with climate change are likely to cause widespread forest decline in regions where droughts are predicted to increase in durationExpand
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TRY – a global database of plant traits
Plant traits – the morphological, anatomical, physiological, biochemical and phenological characteristics of plants and their organs – determine how primary producers respond to environmentalExpand
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New handbook for standardised measurement of plant functional traits worldwide
Plant functional traits are the features (morphological, physiological, phenological) that represent ecological strategies and determine how plants respond to environmental factors, affect otherExpand
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User's guide to SMATR : standardised major axis tests and routines version 2.0, copyright 2006
SMATR is a freeware program used for fitting bivariate lines to data and for making inferences about such lines. A line can be fitted using standardised major axis (SMA), major axis (MA) or ordinaryExpand
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Plant species traits are the predominant control on litter decomposition rates within biomes worldwide.
Worldwide decomposition rates depend both on climate and the legacy of plant functional traits as litter quality. To quantify the degree to which functional differentiation among species affectsExpand
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Strategy shifts in leaf physiology, structure and nutrient content between species of high‐ and low‐rainfall and high‐ and low‐nutrient habitats
Summary 1. Relationships were examined among photosynthetic capacity ( A mass and A area ), foliar dark respiration rate ( R d-mass and R d-area ), stomatal conductance to water ( G s ), specificExpand
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