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Protein kinase A regulates RNA polymerase III transcription through the nuclear localization of Maf1
Maf1 is an essential and specific mediator of transcriptional repression in the RNA polymerase (pol) III system. Maf1-dependent repression occurs in response to a wide range of conditions, suggestingExpand
Maf1 is an essential mediator of diverse signals that repress RNA polymerase III transcription.
Maf1 is a putative repressor of RNA polymerase (pol) III transcription that is conserved from yeast to humans. Here we show that Maf1 is a common component of multiple signaling pathways in S.Expand
RNA polymerase III. Genes, factors and transcriptional specificity.
  • I. Willis
  • Biology, Medicine
  • European journal of biochemistry
  • 1 February 1993
Recent studies on RNA polymerase III (pol III) gene transcription have provided a new awareness of the molecular complexity of this process. Fortunately, while the number of transcription componentsExpand
Two Steps in Maf1-dependent Repression of Transcription by RNA Polymerase III*
In Saccharomyces cerevisiae, Maf1 is essential for mediating the repression of transcription by RNA polymerase (pol) III in response to diverse cellular conditions. These conditions activate distinctExpand
Interaction between a complex of RNA polymerase III subunits and the 70-kDa component of transcription factor IIIB.
A system that detects the formation of complexes between different proteins by linking them to separate domains of the GAL4 transcription activator protein has been used to study protein-proteinExpand
Regulation of RNA Polymerase III Transcription Involves SCH9-dependent and SCH9-independent Branches of the Target of Rapamycin (TOR) Pathway*
Maf1 is a conserved repressor of transcription that functions at the downstream end of multiple nutrient and stress signaling pathways. How these different signaling pathways converge on Maf1 is notExpand
Chemical activation of Sir2-dependent silencing by relief of nicotinamide inhibition.
Sir2 is a nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD+)-dependent protein deacetylase involved in gene silencing and longevity. Cellular stresses affect Sir2 activity, but the mechanisms of Sir2Expand
PCF4 encodes an RNA polymerase III transcription factor with homology to TFIIB
A dominant mutation in the PCF4 gene of S. cerevisiae was isolated as a suppressor of a tRNA gene A block promoter mutation. In vitro studies indicate that PCF4 is a stoichiometrically-required RNAExpand
Repression of Ribosome and tRNA Synthesis in Secretion-Defective Cells Is Signaled by a Novel Branch of the Cell Integrity Pathway
ABSTRACT The transcription of ribosomal DNA, ribosomal protein (RP) genes, and 5S and tRNA genes by RNA polymerases (Pols) I, II, and III, respectively, is rapidly and coordinately repressed uponExpand
Mammalian Maf1 is a negative regulator of transcription by all three nuclear RNA polymerases.
Most eukaryotic transcriptional regulators act in an RNA polymerase (Pol)-selective manner. Here we show that the human Maf1 protein negatively regulates transcription by all three nuclear Pols.Expand