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The mechanical properties of solid polymers
Several aspects of the mechanical properties of polymers are discussed. These include linear and non-linear viscoelastic behaviour, anisotropy, rubber-like elasticity, breaking and cold drawing.
Review: The yield behaviour of polymers
Recent research on the yield behaviour of polymers is reviewed. Particular attention is given to the importance of the hydrostatic component of stress, the viscoelastic nature of the yield process,
Structure and properties of oriented polymers
This book reftects the growth of interest in this area of polymer science and attempts to give the reader an up to date view of the present position.
The effect of hydrostatic pressure on the shear yield behaviour of polymers
The torsional stress-strain behaviour of isotropic poly(methylmethacrylate) (P M M A), poly(ethylene terephthalate) (P E T) and polyethylene has been studied under hydrostatic pressures up to 7 kbar.
Optical and Mechanical Anisotropy in Crystalline Polymers
  • I. Ward
  • Materials Science
  • 1 November 1962
Expressions have been derived for the optical birefringence and elastic moduli of an idealized semicrystalline polymer in terms of the molecular orientation. The predicted birefringence and moduli
The influence of morphology and molecular weight on ductile-brittle transitions in linear polyethylene
The tensile behaviour of linear polyethylene was examined over a wide range of temperatures. Samples were prepared from low and medium molecular weight polymer with different morphologies, by varying