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The Modern World-System
In order to describe the origins and initial workings of a world system, I have had to argue a certain conception of a world-system. A world-system is a social system, one that has boundaries,Expand
World-Systems Analysis: An Introduction
Acknowledgments vii To Start: Understanding the World in Which We Live ix 1. Historical Origins of World-Systems Analysis: From Social Science Disciplines to Historical Social Sciences 1 2. TheExpand
The Rise and Future Demise of the World Capitalist System: Concepts for Comparative Analysis
The growth within the capitalist world-economy of the industrial sector of production, the so-called industrial revolution, was accompanied by a very strong current of thought which defined thisExpand
The Modern World-System: Capitalist Agriculture and the Origins of the European World-Economy in the Sixteenth Century.
List of Illustrations Acknowledgments Quotation Credits Prologue to the 2011 Edition Introduction: On the study of social change 1. Medieval prelude 2. The new European division of labor: c.Expand
European Universalism: The Rhetoric of Power
Race, Nation, Class: Ambiguous Identities.
ion of the capitalist market, but with its concrete historical form: that of a 'world-economy' which is always already hierarchically organized into a 'core' and a 'periphery', each of which haveExpand
The Politics of the World-Economy: The States, the Movements, and the Civilizations
Acknowledgments 1. World networks and the politics of the world-economy 2. Patterns and prospectives of the capitalist world-economy Part I. The States and the Interstate System: 3. The states in theExpand