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Discrepancies between Sexual Desire and Sexual Activity: Gender Differences and Associations with Relationship Satisfaction
In both sexes, sexual satisfaction with vaginal intercourse as well as kissing and petting was positively associated with relationship satisfaction, whereas higher desired and actual frequency of masturbation were negatively associated withrelationship satisfaction. Expand
Evaluation of the Female Sexual Function Index in a Population Based Sample from Finland
The study supports use of the FSFI for assessing sexual function not only in clinical samples but also in population based samples and the associations found between sexual function and other important variables showed the complexity of sexual function. Expand
Genetic and Environmental Effects on Sexual Excitation and Sexual Inhibition in Men
The present study analyzed the item structure and the psychometric properties of the instrument in a population based sample of Finnish male twins and estimated the heritability of and the environmental influences on the excitatory and inhibitory mechanisms. Expand